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rockstarkids's Journal

*Rock Star Kids*
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Welcome to the *rOckStar KidS* community. If you absolutly love rock music, then this is the place for you. This isn't one of those "Accept or Reject" type of community so anyone who is anyone can join. Basically people can talk about their favorite bands, cool rock concerts that they went to, talk to other rock music fans, post pictures and song lyrics. However, I do have some rules.

1)Do not promote any communities on here unless it has something to do with music, otherwise it will be removed.
2)Please don't critize on other people's taste in music otherwise I'll have you banned from here
3)Anyone who posts pictures, icons, e.t.c MUST BE UNDER A LIVEJOURNAL CUT!
4)Please dOnT tAlK lIkE tHis, it's really annoying. Not to be a bitch but if I do find someone doing that, you will be banned also.
5)Don't argue with both the Mod's and Co-Mod's otherwise you will be banned.
6)You must fill out this info on the bottom on your first entry

Your 5 Favorite Bands:
Favortite Concert you went to:
Anything else we should know about you?

Otherwise, just have fun posting on here and stuff.


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